My First year as a Veeam Vanguard

When the end of February roles around in the Veeam Vanguard world all prospective and current Vanguards spend the morning franticly refreshing their inbox waiting for what they hope is an acceptance email and invite into the Vanguard programme.

It’s a very exciting time and when I was initially accepted into the team last year the team went out of their way to welcome me in. Nikola Pejkova and Rick Vanover have built quite a collection of engineers from around the world, and they really know their stuff. When you step into a conversation with these guys you realise how much you don’t know 😊

The programme itself is a collection of valuable information and communication via the Slack channels, with great webinar sessions on technology and how to get most out of the Veeam products at hand. As well as access to NFR keys for testing products and Beta version access with the ability to see what is coming and give feedback on it. And the shining crown of it all is a Vanguard summit in the beautiful city of Prague, a place I had not been to before and in all honesty will return to over and over again.

The summit brings together all of the top Veeam engineers from the development and product strategy teams, they present and explain all the new features coming in Veeam and what they are working on, as well as explaining why they are going in a certain direction and why they are not doing what you might think you want. The summit is a fantastic opportunity to get to know these people, ask questions, and gain an understanding of what is coming, and for them to understand the feedback of where the engineers that use Veeam everyday need the product to grow and develop.

The Prague summit also allows you to see the wonderful city and spend some time walking around, as I suffer from back pain this was difficult for me, but the Vanguard looked after me and the lads went out of the way to make sure I could take part and not be left out. I thank you for that as it made a massive difference to the summit for me.

I have found this year that the programme is a commitment you have to play your part in, and you need to put some time aside to actually get the most out of it. So that is why I am so delighted to have received my acceptance offer to again become a Vanguard for 2022. I am looking forward to my second year in the program and hope to get more out of it and put more into it this year.

While Veeam provide this programme to gain feedback from the community the Vanguard team come together on their own and even the weekly call on a Friday gives a chance to get to know people and gather information. If only Friday afternoon was not my busiest time of the week, I might make it to more of these calls.

Here is to 2022 and hopefully another great year as part of the Vanguard programme.

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